Editorial Board Structure and Eligibility  

The Editorial Board of the CEEE's journals comprise of Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board members. Editor-in-Chief remains the chairperson of the board, hence allowed to take the final decision in any regard.

The formation of the Editorial Board is done through incorporating global experts with excellent academic track record and expertise in the respective journal subject. There is no restriction in the number of the Editorial Board members. Editorial board members must qualify the following major facts:


He or She should have PhD degree in a relevant subject. Editor-In-Chief should have minimum 20 years of research/teaching experience

Academic Positions  

Editor should hold some academic positions in Universities, Research Institutions or such other organizations. 


He / She must have good record of publications and have knowledge of article writing. 

Process Steps

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


Go to the inbox of the email address you just used to sign up.


Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line "Subject Line" and it's sent from "From Name Here".


That's it! You now have immediate access to your free course.

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