CENTRE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING  EXCELLENCE (CEEE) has come up with a new initiative of books under NOLEGEIN (Pronounced Knowledge, India). It is a unique project committed towards the development and dissemination of knowledge in electronics domain by developing informative content in the form of Textbooks/ eBooks for UG and PG students. Under this book project Electrical  domain has about 30 titles under development.

How can you Publish a Book with us?

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  2. Initially, we require the following inputs from you:  A sample of your manuscript,  the total word count and the package desired.
  3. You study all information regarding this services it offers, select one and tell us about it.
  4.  If you are looking for specifications or services that are not part of our package, you can directly send us mail on [email protected].


Type of Books


Narrative Books

Narrative books are books that tell a story. Examples include biographies, memoirs, and histories.


Tree Books

Tree books are books that lay out a framework of ideas.


Branch Books

These are books that consist of a single idea. The rest of the book is then padded out with examples, extrapolations, and implications of that single idea. 

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