CENTRE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE (CEEE) is an emerging & innovative organization of electrical engineering that promotes the development, knowledge and ongoing research in the field of engineering. The objective of CEEE is to design and create a hub of knowledge to serve stakeholders/service providers involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronics and related areas of engineering & technology which underlie modern developments and advancements in the field of Electrical Engineering. The main objective of this centre is to serve as a valuable source of knowledge for stakeholders, industrialists, society members and research group members in the area of Electrical Engineering. ‘Electrical Engineering Excellence Centre’ provides an outstanding academic medium for students, researchers, scientists, and industrialists as well, to share their knowledge and skills and also to disseminate their knowledge and research worldwide by the means of this platform. It is a forum which covers a wide variety of knowledge, specific field interests at technical levels, exchange knowledge among individuals of electrical engineering, share practical applications ideas, and generate solutions.


  • The aim and objective of “Electrical Engineering Excellence Centre” is to up-bring and disseminate knowledge that leads to timely and significant improvements in the area of electrical engineering, worldwide.
  • Electrical Engineering Excellence Centre aims to engage in life-long learning, knowledge sharing and value recognition with utmost importance in its arena.


The mission of Centre of Electrical Engineering Excellence is to consign itself with its Commitment, Ethical, Exploration, and Erudiction to achieve, and to foster the unmatched excellence in the world of engineers and to aspire the professionals with its learning, teaching, innovation, research, and creativity.


The vision of Centre of Electrical Engineering Excellence is to spring up as the best-known knowledge provider across the world, and to be universally recognized for the benefit of humanity in the different stages of engineering education and research.


………….Strategic Goal is a Fundamental Building Block of the Strategic Plan…………

  • To help individuals from all around the world to share, collaborate, network, and engage with one another.
  • To provide valuable opportunities, best products, and remarkable services to stakeholders, professionals, industrialists and entrepreneurs that aim to reward.


  • About Membership Program
  • Types of Membership
  • Benefits of Membership


Centre of Electrical Engineering Excellence Membership Program (CEEEMP) allows to bring the stakeholders all together; one who has a keen interest in the area of Electrical Engineering, and some part that involves Electronics, Computer related engineering, Mathematics, Physical Sciences as well.  This membership program is meant to ameliorate the networking and professional dimensions by positive influence, broad connections, providing valuable opportunities to one and all, resource sharing, best offerings, and many more.


  • Individual Membership – For Scientists, Researchers, Educators & Industry Professionals.
  • Institutional Membership – For Universities, Research/Educational Institutes, Societies & Associations.
  • Corporate Membership – For Industries, Companies & Corporations.

Membership Fee Payment Options

  • Demand Draft/ Cheque- A demand draft /at par cheque , issued in favour of “Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd.” payable at “Delhi/New Delhi”
  • E-Transfer- You may transfer the amount through NEFT, in favour of “Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd.”, account No: 03942000001328, at HDFC bank, Sector 62, Noida IFSC: HDFC 0000 394
  • Cash Transfer- Visit your nearest HDFC bank and deposit the cash amount in the HDFC account in favour of “Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd.” Account No: 03942000001328, at HDFC bank, Sector 62, Noida

For questions about membership, please contact the CEEE membership administrator at [email protected]

Download the Membership Form for more details:

Electrical Membership form