Centre For Electrical Engineering Excellence Membership Program (CEEEMP)  offers significant benefits to companies or individuals who engaged in the business of electrical engineering or associated fields. Members can help in shaping the industry’s position on issues related to engineering and build relationships with other leaders in this respective field. Being an CEEE member here is an excellent opportunity to shape the voice of the industry during the key stage of technology innovation and development.


CEEEMP platform gives their associated members an opportunity to join and create associations, making them tremendous networking opportunities for members who want to grow and ties with the clients or colleagues in their industry, or to make a long-term beneficial connections.

  • Opportunity to interact with other members / business leaders / entrepreneurs /academicians and other institutions.
  • Opportunity to participate in various conferences, seminars workshops and other such programmes.
  • Networking opportunities with majors market players.
  • Discuss and share issues with the other members through various means of programs.
  • To keep updated information posted regularly on online member directories.
  • Facilitate Industry-Academia interaction, opportunity to network, build and share best Industry Practices.
  • Promotion and Branding of your product to a global outreach.
  • Invitations to events, conferences and networking opportunities with the most influential players in this field.
  • Opportunity for Industries to collaborate with various events.


Become an CEEE member, you are invited to get involved in various events like conferences, seminars and different workshop of cutting edge technology like electrical engineering to enhance your knowledge and enhance network by meeting the expertise and to share your ideas with them.

  • Tech Library Access the hundreds of journals, books and database on various new and emerging technology.
  • Tech Gallery Collection of various visual aids like poster, charts, photographs, modals, and reports for exploring various technologies.
  • Legal Base Services Opportunity to know the legal aspect on the various technology and services.
  • Management Knowledge Zone Opportunity to improve the management skills by access the management knowledge zone which include various publication and databases of the management.


Tech Learning Zone Education and Training: Offer direct support to experts and future electrical engineers through training courses and in other materials. Supporting the educational environment that produces the required skills for electrical engineers in future job market.

Technical Support & Guidelines: Technical consultancy services and guidelines on various cutting-edge technology like how electrical engineering is valuable for your product, how to improve the quality of your product with electrical engineering. Access to the latest information including new initiatives, modern technology applications and a variety of technology reports.

Leadership Opportunity to serve as a committee member and in various management/governing positions of the association. Once you have become a member of the association, you are invited to get involved in various volunteer services such as speaking at the conference, conducting a workshop, organizing a workshop, or serving as an “Ambassador for the Association” at your workplace & many more.