Institutional Membership is open to universities and colleges, institutes and research centers that are engaged in providing services in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Benefits of CEEE Institutional Membership

  • Networking opportunities with National as well as Global experts
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Learning & Professional Development
  • Broaden your understanding of the built environment
  • Opportunity to collaborate for organizing technical conferences, seminars/symposia/workshops etc.
  • Discounts on CEEE products (journals, books, workshops and conferences)
  • Discount on registration at various events of CEEE
  • Promotion of the Institution by listing its name on the CEEE website
  • Provide the platform to promote and market institutional events to the global audience at the CEEE website

Annual Membership Fees

S.NoCategory MembershipAnnual Fees (Yearly)
1.Institutional Members7500+18% GST

Gold Membership
: 12% discounts in Journals, books

Diamond Membership: 15% discounts in Journals, books and conferences (for 5 members)

Silver Membership: 10% discounts in Journals