THE CELNET GROUP (ISO Certified Organization) is one of the fastest and most innovative publishers of academic/research content in India. We already publish and manage more than 225+ Scientific Journals and have Books, Video Journals, e-Training Programs in various disciplines under our banner. We have more than 100,000 authors, editors, subscribers associated with us on our various online platforms for knowledge creation. We reach out to all major institutions in India and also have day-by-day increasing authors, editors and subscribers based across the world.

CELNET has now come up with our new project of e-books/full books related to Electrical Engineering domain under NOLEGEIN – The Knowledge Repository Platform. The books will be written by multiple authors of Engineering Departments all over the globe. These books will be useful for students, scientists, and researchers as well as for reference purposes.

Our Project NOLEGEIN (Pronounced Knowledge, India) is a unique and an ambitious project that sets a good benchmark in the publishing industry to develop and disseminate knowledge in scientific domains by developing informative content.

Various Books Series and Book Titles of Electrical Engineering Domain are mentioned below:

1.Principles of Electrical Engineering1.     Fundamentals to Electrical Engineering

2.     Advanced Engineering Mathematics

3.     The Physics for Electricity and Magnetism

4.     Principles of Electrical Measurements

5.     Electronics Devices and Circuits (Analog and Digital)

6.     Electrical Machinery Fundamentals

2.Electronic Devices and Circuits1.     Signals and Systems Analysis

2.     Modern Networks and Circuit Theory

3.     Transistor Theory and Frequency Response

4.     Feedback Amplifiers and Oscillators

3.Electrical Machines, Machinery and Drives1.     Transformers and its Types

2.     Asynchronous Machines

3.     Synchronous Machines

4.     Network Analysis and Synthesis

4.Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering1.    Control Systems Modelling

2.    Instrumentation Technology

5.Electrical Power Systems Analysis and Design1.    Introduction to Electric Power Systems

2.    Power System Operation and Control

3.    Electric Transients in Power Systems

6.Digital Signal Processing and Wireless Communications1.    Signal Engineering and Its Applications

2.    Discrete Time Signal Processing

3.    Fundamentals of Wireless Communications

4.    VLSI for Wireless Communications

5.    Propagation Engineering in Wireless Communications

7.Microelectronics Circuits and Design1.     Concept of Analysis and Design in Engineering

2.     Digital Electronics and Circuits Design

8.Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology1.     Electrical Power Distribution Automation

2.     Industrial Automation and Robotics

9.Electrical Safety and Health Environment1.     Electrical Safety and Law

2.     Electrical Safety: Practice and Standards

The above books are multiple authored books having various titles. We will be grateful if you could contribute either the full books or multiple chapters in a single book. It will be a great interest to become a part of our electrical books series in any of the above listed books.

Guidelines for the authors and related information like author roles and responsibilities, benefits for authors, etc. will be detailed only after receiving a written confirmation from your end.

Kindly fill the Online Form for associating with us as authors in books projects and also Register in Electrical Books online platform for registering and submission of content online.

We are looking forward for Authors in Electrical Engineering Domain to associate with us for a win – win objective.

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