• The aim and objective of “Electrical Engineering Excellence Centre” is to up-bring and disseminate knowledge that leads to timely and significant improvements in the area of electrical engineering, worldwide.

  • Electrical Engineering Excellence Centre aims to engage in life-long learning, knowledge sharing and value recognition with utmost importance in its arena.


The mission of Centre for Electrical Engineering Excellence is to consign itself with its Commitment, Ethical, Exploration, and Erudiction to achieve, and to foster the unmatched excellence in the world of engineers and to aspire the professionals with its learning, teaching, innovation, research, and creativity.


The vision of Centre for Electrical Engineering Excellence is to spring up as the best-known knowledge provider across the world, and to be universally recognized for the benefit of humanity in the different stages of engineering education and research.


“Strategic Goal is a Fundamental Building Block of the Strategic Plan”

  • To help individuals from all around the world to share, collaborate, network, and engage with one another.
  • To provide valuable opportunities, best products, and remarkable services to stakeholders, professionals, industrialists and entrepreneurs that aim to reward.

Products covered by CEEE

  • Electrical Engineering Journals
  • Electrical Engineering Books
  • Electrical Engineering Conferences
  • Electrical Engineering Training Programs

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