Unified Platform for Electrical Engineering Domain

CEEE is an emerging & innovative organization of electrical engineering that promotes the development, knowledge and ongoing research in the field of engineering. The objective of CEEE is to design and create a hub of knowledge to serve our stakeholders/service providers involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronics and related areas of engineering & technology which underlie modern developments and advancements in the field of Electrical Engineering. The main objective of this centre is to serve as a valuable source of knowledge for stakeholders, industrialists, society members and research group members in the area of Electrical Engineering. 'Electrical Engineering Excellence Centre' provides an outstanding academic medium for students, researchers, scientists, and industrialists as well, to share their knowledge and skills and also to disseminate their knowledge and research worldwide by the means of this platform. It is a forum which covers a wide variety of knowledge, specific field interests at technical levels, exchange knowledge among individuals of electrical engineering, share practical applications ideas, and generate solutions.


Unique Features

CEEE acts as a unified platform which by way of associating key stake holders in Electrical Engineering domain by way of Networking through Conferences, Events, Memberships, Training Programs , Books,  Publication of Journals and Creating a database of Experts in Electrical Engineering Domain.


CEEE is associated with both National and International Journals, to help the researchers to publish their research work for global reach and also provide global access through Online and Print Subscriptions.

Training Programs

Online Training programs are conducting on various field of Electrical Engineering and Subdomains,  Collaborations are welcome.


 Provides the platform for organizing conferences and webinars.


CEEE attracts exceptional academicians and Professionals who's knowledge and Experience is useful for Students of Electrical domain , Full book, Chapters and Edited Books are invited to publish them under CEEE banner.


CEEE brings together all the stakeholders in Electrical Engineering domain through its membership .

Student, Institutional, Corporate and Professional Memberships are available .


In todays world Networking is the Key to success, being a nodal and key association of experts and professionals CEEE is available for various tie-up possibilities with both national and International bodies.

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